My Gear Series: Weather Radio

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

A good friend of mine gave me a Midland Weather Radio and it is great! It fits in the palm of my hand so it is easy to carry or pack in a dry bag. The controls are simple which makes it very user-friendly. I don't have to pull out the manual every time I use it. The radio automatically chooses the strongest NOAA weather station. There is a button to rescan button in case you move to a new location and need to find a closer station. There's also a volume control. The only other control is a switch for ON, OFF, and ALERT. The ALERT puts the radio in a standby mode and it will come on when there is a weather alert. That's it for the controls, (KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid)! The radio seems to be durable as I've accidentally knocked it off the shelf twice where it plunged to the floor 6' below and it still works!

Paddling, camping, and RV living leaves us more vulnerable to bad weather. The ALERT function keeps us aware of any storms approaching. I guess I'm kind of a weather nerd because I listen to the weather report every morning to see if it's going to see if it's going to rain, what the wind speed will be, rainfall amounts, etc.

I give the Midland Weather Radio a five star rating!


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