My Gear Series: River Shoes

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

I recently purchased a pair of Astral Loyak Barefoot river shoes upon the recommendation of several people. I did one short field test wearing them on a lake trip and then wore them on a 5-day canoe camping trip on a river. I was very happy with the performance, design, and construction of the shoes. The pliable soles gave me confidence wading in the river especially in a section where we had to line the canoe through the shallows in swift current for about 200 yards. The soles are sewn to the uppers instead of just glued as opposed to some other brands. The insole is rubber rather than cloth to promote quick drying and the design provides good drainage. The shoes felt a bit tight being hard to get on and off but, I didn't get any blisters and wasn't even wearing socks. The durability remains to be seen but, so far I'm giving the Astrals a 5 star rating!

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