My Gear Series: Paddle

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

My gear series: This paddle is made by Harmony and came with my boat. It's inexpensive but is of good quality. I did have to deburr the ends of the aluminum shafts because they had sharp edges. I bought an indexing kit which is circled on the second picture. It's basically a piece of plastic like a popsicle stick wrapped to the paddle with electrical tape where each hand will be. I place my index fingers just inside the plastic piece and my other fingers over it. The plastic pieces are approximately perpendicular to the blades. This allows me to quickly find my correct hand position and always know the blade angle. You will also notice the drip rings. They should be a few inches above the water line when the blade is in the water. That keeps most of the water from dripping down my arm and into the boat.

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